Dear Friends of the Moon, 

Nisan, not the car, the Hebrew month is here. All around us Spring is propelling us outside. Bunnies are hopping; I have seen them and their fluffy tails. Trees are beginning to bud and burst, opening their leaves to petals of potential. In this new month, we Jews awaken to honor the holiday of Pesach or Passover. 
Pesach, is about returning to our essence. Our unembellished, unmasked, raw, flattened sense of what is. Just like matzah we strip off the bling and the excess. We eliminate the fluff and come home to what is. 
As a gift and a guide for Pesach and the evenings of Spring, I’ve created my first downloadable meditation offering called Rest & Expand.
To experience this 10 minute meditation, I suggest finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down and listen/watch here. Enjoy the sunset, the occasional pup bark or beach walker. Such are the sounds of beach life.
A few other Pesach resources and tools just for you. 

As always, I’m grateful to those of you who share these RAS Notes with your friends, inviting folks to subscribe to receive their own salty-torah vlogs. Now folks who subscribe will receive this new meditation. 

I’m loving working with you: some on upcoming spring Sacred-Making for a wedding in Marin and a special ritual for a baby girl in San Diego. To those of you in the process of Energy Packs with me, near and far, I’m honored to witness your zip increase. For those who I’ve had the privilege to pray and write a Blessing or Prayer for you, let me know about your practice. How are your blessings unfolding? 

If you need something, even if it's not one of my current offerings, please reach out. I’d love to be of service and support on your path. 

With Blessings for a Pesach of liberation,
Rabbi Alyson Solomon