Need strategy+soul?
Is your "purpose" driving? 
Want to lead with spiritual heat? 

Bring Rabbi Alyson to Your Business, Organization or Retreat Center to Support You to

Navigate ChangE   :   stoke spirituality   :   deepen engagement 

Let's build your teams’ root confidence, passion and practical creativity. I consult with all sizes and types of businesses, faith groups, organizations and retreat centers. Our work will focus on key leaders, teams, groups of constituents or stake-holders at the level of group work, facilitating hands-on learning, ritual, retreat or larger speaking engagements. Together, we will design a plan with specific methods, timelines and deliverables based on your objectives and needs. 

Weekend, Shabbat, week or month-long workshops and residencies available.
Rates depend on the approach designed to best meet your needs.

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At stake is the potential to re-inspire
your vision, extend your impact
and deepen your legacy. 


top questions of the executives, leaders & clergy who hire ras

What does it mean to be purpose-driven?
How can we align our vision with our bottom line?
What will move our people to serve rather than consume?
Why is burn out such a leadership casualty?
Does what we do matter and if not, how do we change it?
How can work be play?


The Process

four phased approach


Cross-Trained in Soul & Strategy

Successful business and thriving community both pivot on relationship, imagination, listening and sales. Investing in leaders is essential to corporate and community wellness and growth. Rabbi Alyson Solomon is a strategist with soul. 

Alyson worked in New York and Los Angeles in the field of change management consulted and worked on projects with American Jewish World Service, The Nathan Cummings Foundation and Avodah. Rabbi Solomon also served as a pulpit rabbi in Santa Barbara at Congregation B’nai B’rith. While Vice President of Special Projects at The Jewish Federation in Los Angeles, Alyson worked on NuRoots, a $20 million dollar business plan to connect 20s & 30s to Jewish life. She served as a Street Rabbi in Venice, California and for the last two months, was the Rabbinic Scholar & Strategist-In-Residence at Temple Israel in Cape Town, South Africa.

As a rabbi, inquired-based coach and certified yoga instructor, Alyson brings creativity, depth and light to executives and communities around the world. She applies tools of change management, deep research in engagement, identity building and Torah-wisdom to deliver sustainable, practical change. 



No, just open. It’s one of the giant tools in my kit. I bring Jewish wisdom that reaches down almost 4,000 years. In our work, I’ll listen deeply, agitate and support. We will build on your successes, strengths and vision. We will measure impact, build a culture of change and enroll and invest stakeholders.


  • Focus and purpose
  • Inquiry-based coaching, questions and exercises to get your heart pumping
  • Tools and practices to stir your creativity, courage and cause
  • Space to practice integrity, accountability and action
  • Fieldwork (between sessions). It’s juicy. 

Measures of Impact : Key Performance Indicators

Your constituents are in motion; loving their lives, their Tribe and their contribution.
Your business, organization or center’s vision is amplified as legacy. 
Your leaders are energized; working with shared vision, creativity and passion to innovate and sustain.

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Kind Words

ruth messinger
This is a chance for people who want to make change in the world to work with a rabbi committed to helping you advance your own big ideas, sharpen your vision and engage in the work to be done through a spiritual lens with the intention of being as well as doing. Alyson is a consultant with vision and passion who knows how to make organizational work soulful and achieve solid and lasting results.
— Ruth W. Messinger, President of American Jewish World Service, NY
rabbi steve cohen
Any hour spent with Rabbi Alyson Solomon is a gift. She takes risks; she cares deeply; she thinks clearly; she speaks honestly; she prays freely. Although I was her supervisor for several years, she became my teacher and I continue to rely on her for honest and loving observation, advice, and wisdom. She will bring frank and compassionate insight to leaders looking for a thought-partner, and will bring a marvelous flame of creativity and excitement to a community or organization looking for new ideas. Anyone looking for guidance through a ritual or life-transition, will find in her a caring, and wise teacher/rabbi.
— Rabbi Steve Cohen, Senior Rabbi, Congregation B'nai Brith, Santa Barbara, CA
rabbi greg alexander
In the short time that Rabbi Alyson spent in our community she made deep and powerful connections with 5-yr olds, grandparents, teens, parents and 20-somethings (and everyone else). She was a mentor, a teacher, a poet and a ritual guide to those already connected and those who have in the past been on the fringes of the shul and Jewish life. We loved how she activated volunteers, stirred up women and girls, inspired couples and singles, and brought music and laughter to the services and festivals she facilitated. Her words touch people. Any community would be blessed to have her work with them.
— Rabbi Greg Alexander, Temple Israel of Cape Town, South Africa
jonathan jacoby
There are people who excel in organizationally and people who excel spiritually. And then there are those who weave the two together into a tapestry of learning, growth, and fulfillment. This is Rabbi Alyson Solomon.
— Jonathan Jacoby, New Israel Fund, Senior Advisor to CEO & VP for LA / Southern California, Los Angeles, CA