Big life moment coming your way?

Sacred-Making Custom Ceremony or Ritual to Mark Special Occasions
Four 60-minute sessions in person or via Skype, FaceTime or phone
1 day ceremony or ritual

Sacred-making makes time precious. Together we will honor, celebrate or deal with who and what matters most to you. 

I design ceremonies & rituals for

  • Weddings, new beginnings

  • Funerals, end of life, grief, remembrance

  • Birth, fertility, pre-natal, bris / circumcision for Jewish boys, simchat bat / girl-baby naming, upshirin / first haircut

  • Coming out, coming home

  • Wellness, healing water-rituals, mikvah, watsu

  • Home dedication, mezuzah hanging

  • Torah-study, rites of passage for teens & families in preparation for a bar or bat mitzvah

  • Communication strengthen for parents & children or couples

  • Retirement, divorce, health or love changes

  • You tell me


The Process




I am a concierge rabbi and a ritualist. While ordained and rooted deeply in Jewish tradition and am also a global-seeker and faith connoisseur. I design ceremonies and rituals that reflect the people and their lives and stories. Our sessions and the actual ceremony are gateway opportunities for reflection, spiritual growth, learning and transformation.  

need to be Jewish? 

No. I do Jewish ceremonies for all who have or want to build a Jewish home or family (kids), however they define it. (Yes, I do interfaith weddings). These ceremonies I do with my kippah on, as a rabbi. Other ceremonies, for people of all backgrounds, I do as a ritualist, without my kippah. My passion is to share Judaism’s awesomeness with all who want it.


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Kind Words

lydia kukoff
Rabbi Alyson is a joy to work with. She is sensitive, intuitive, intelligent and caring, creating deep and transformational connections in her life and work. She has a kind heart, a soulful way, and a generous and creative spirit. With her wonderful energy, she brings a sense of joy and sacred possibility to everything she does. Her gift is to make the old new, and the new holy.
— Lydia Kukoff Author, "Choosing Judaism;" Founding Director, Outreach Program of the Reform Movement Former Director, North America, The Avi Chai Foundation; A founder of The Chatham Synagogue-Netivot Torah, Chatham Center, New York
Rabbi Alyson Solomon designed our daughter’s Simchat Bat, baby-naming celebration in Ventura, California. The program included prayers, singing and specific Jewish rituals to celebrate the birth of “Bina-Baila” (Sophia-Bess). Rabbi Alyson is creative, accommodating and very professional. She listened to what we envisioned, and blended that with beautiful traditional elements. I would highly recommend engaging her to design your next celebration, whether that be for birth, death, or any other life milestone in between! We hope to bring Rabbi Alyson with us to Israel to celebrate Bina’s Bat mitzvah in Jerusalem.
— Thomas Greenberg & Jules Sherman, Lawyer & Product Designer, Palo Alto, CA 
“We could not have asked for a better person to officiate our wedding. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, loving, traditional and spiritual. You really captured who we are as individuals and our love. People were so moved by the energy you brought in and could not stop talking about how perfect it all was. Thank you for all the time you took to get to know us and the space you held on our day to keep us present and grounded.”
— The Leventhal's
Jacob and I had the privilege of working with Rabbi Alyson to prepare for our wedding. Rabbi Alyson welcomed us as students and guided us through a sacred process focusing on how we might build our Jewish and spiritual life together. I have often repeated her words that the wedding ceremony itself is not “the thing;” it is a marking of a moment in the trajectory of our shared life together which began long before the wedding and will continue long afterward. The three of us, in close collaboration, experienced a ceremony full of meaning, reinterpretation, tradition and family. Most powerfully there was a real sense that the wedding was not only about Jacob and me but that along with Rabbi Alyson we created the space to enter into Jewish life and learning together.
— Jacob & Andrea Rose Cheatham Kasper, West Hartford, CT
Dear Rabbi Alyson, We want to thank you, again, for all the love you put into our son’s bris shalom. It was important to us to honor the tradition of the bris and to dedicate his life to the Divine while at the same time honoring our philosophical perspective. You guided us to weave all of the meaning and intention we wanted to express into the ritual and taught us more about the deeper layers of the tradition along the way. We are so grateful for your care and skill and the spiritual connection that you brought to our most special event. Blessings.
— A & J, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach & Glass Artist, Eugene, Oregon