Tired? Dried out? Stuck? Overwhelmed or bored?

Inquiry-Based Coaching Consultations to Energize Your Life
Four 60-minute sessions in person or via Skype, FaceTime or phone

 Your Energy Pack will support you to line up your speech, actions and commitments to live your biggest, brightest life yet. 



Fears. Doubts. Unfinished Business. Numb. Rudderless.


In Action. Accountable. In Relationship. New Possibilities.


The Process

The four sessions


Our initial Energy Audit will show us where your energy is high or low, numb or flickering. You’ll start to imagine what is possible and how to get there, powerfully. When we meet, I will listen deeply and ask you questions like: What do you do when you get home from work? What type of people do you envy? What difference do you want to make? What are you most angry about? What do you crave?



No, just open. It’s one of the giant tools in my kit. I’ll bring Jewish wisdom that reaches down almost 4,000 years. In our work, I’ll listen deeply, agitate and support. Through our subversive soul-discovery work, you will experience yourself as cause in your own life.


  • Focus and purpose

  • Soul inquiry methods, questions and exercises to get your heart pumping

  • Tools and practices to stir your creativity, courage and cause

  • Space to practice integrity, accountability and action

  • Fieldwork (between sessions). It’s juicy.


Top 7 Benefits of Energy Packs

  • Courage

  • Direction

  • Ability to express your love

  • Freedom from resentment and regret

  • Peace of mind

  • Ease and joy

  • Grounding

Have a question or want to try it out with one session? Please get in touch.

Kind Words

Rabbi Solomon has the exceptional gift of being able to connect with people and to see their inner essence clearly with acceptance. With her loving guidance, they find themselves able to live more authentically and joyfully. When guiding clients, Rabbi Solomon brings creativity and humor to the dark places where clients are stuck, thereby freeing them from habitual limiting beliefs so that they can see their lives anew with lightness and clarity. Personally, I have benefited immensely from Rabbi Solomon’s guidance and commitment to walking with me on my spiritual path. Through bearing witness, supportively creating a safe space for me to sit with my uncomfortable emotions, and helping me question hidden beliefs, she has helped me see how much of my suffering is a creation of my mind and has led me to practices and to teachings that freed me from this suffering. I recall one instance where I was in intense psychological/emotional pain, and by phone she led me through a full body guided meditation that stilled my body and mind, allowing peace and gratitude to flood in and heal me in that moment. Rabbi Solomon is a remarkable guide and healer with a deep connection to Source and a firm grounding in the theology and spirituality. I recommend her highly!
— CB, Business Executive, North Carolina
Rabbi Alyson brings a special quality to all of her interactions. Whether you are meeting her for the first time or you have a casual relationship with Alyson, or you are working with her to achieve specific goals, she meets you wherever you are with an intentional, focused and joyful spirit.  It is a true delight to work with Rabbi Alyson – her gentle guidance is unique and quite powerful.
— Joan Young, Non-Profit Consultant, Santa Barbara
You meet Rabbi Alyson Solomon and there is an instant connection.  She has this analytic mind, where she assesses you and your work in quick fashion, then supports you to conduct your business with “excellence.” I consider her an excellent advisor; someone with a knack for “discernment” and completely trustworthy.  She just seems to hold you close to her heart and accepts you for who you are. I consider myself truly fortunate to have Rabbi Alyson as a great friend and trusted advisor.
— Irwin Eve, Owner-Optician, Occhiali Fine Eyewear, Santa Barbara
I had the joy of working with Rabbi Alyson when she was doing work as a street rabbi. It was so inspiring to watch her connect. She instantly saw all their beauty and grace and uniqueness, in ways they weren’t even aware of. She is such a special soul - equipped with tools and strengths unlike anyone else. She is able to reach out and connect people spiritually and emotionally to something bigger and brighter than themselves.
— Jenn Green, MA Public Diplomacy, Community Builder, Los Angeles, CA