Courage Coach. Sacred-Maker. Prayerful Poet. 

I catalyze soul-inquiry and facilitate purpose-driven transformation.

I am passionate about Judaism as a vibrant wisdom tradition and technology of meaning-making. To me, spirituality is asking questions that matter, and then living courageously in line with what I hear.  You don’t have to be Jewish to work with me. Just open to what a 4,000 year old civilization might add to your life, on your terms.
Ordained by Hebrew College in Boston, rabbi is one of my giant tools. I bring skills in action based coaching, certification as a yoga instructor and work as a change-management consultant. I draw on work in shamanic initiation, integral life psychotherapy, meditation training with Rabbi Alan Lew, z”l, Buddhist study with Pema Chödrön and years of spiritual direction and body work.

Ben & Anne Goldman

Ben & Anne Goldman

Golf & G-D 

I was with my grandfather when he died. I was 8. To help him relax, as he struggled to let go, I said: “Papa, what do you love to do?”

“Golf,” he said.
 “Let’s play,” I said.

I curled in bed next to him and we played 18 holes. He described each green in detail, the clubs he used, every stroke vividly swung. 

At the 18th hole, we said the Sh’ma together (a Hebrew prayer of oneness). He passed shortly after. 

I began inviting G-d in when I was very young. Mostly, I just got out of the way and noticed. 


Today, I’m a contemporary spiritual designer and subversive soul-agitator. I am practiced in asking tough questions to reconnect you with what matters most, to you.

I am passionate to IN-SOURCE you to live your most courageous life. 

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