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“I have been enjoying and learning from the content you send out. These postings — especially the videos—opened up worlds of meaning. You opened up new meanings on symbolic and spiritual levels, and for this I am so very grateful.”
— Dr. Susan Shevitz, Professor Emerita, Brandeis University, Adjunct Professor Hebrew College Rabbinical School
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Rabbi Alyson devoted herself early on to become a rabbi of a large congregation in the most traditional sense. Yet, she has a progressive outlook that is relatable to a younger generation in today’s ever changing world. I look to Rabbi Alyson for evolved thinking, renewed spirituality, and the ‘Jewish vitamins’ I need to connect my deep cultural history to my modern lifestyle.
— Ricki Rubin, Buyer, San Francisco
Rabbi Alyson Solomon designed our daughter’s Simchat Bat, baby-naming celebration in Ventura, California. The program included prayers, singing and specific Jewish rituals to celebrate the birth of “Bina-Baila” (Sophia-Bess). Rabbi Alyson is creative, accommodating and very professional. She listened to what we envisioned, and blended that with beautiful traditional elements. I would highly recommend engaging her to design your next celebration, whether that be for birth, death, or any other life milestone in between! We hope to bring Rabbi Alyson with us to Israel to celebrate Bina’s Bat mitzvah in Jerusalem.
— Thomas Greenberg & Jules Sherman, Lawyer & Product Designer, Palo Alto, CA
These days it is easy to be skeptical of organized religion and of leaders who claim to have all the answers; who preach that there is only one path to their God. One unique aspect of Rabbi Solomon’s spiritual base is her openness to all traditions, which she artfully blends into her firm grounding of Jewish faith and tradition. Her open heart and open mind allow her to be unconditionally accepting and understanding of others rather than dogmatic or “preachy.” Never rigid, always flowing with life itself, Rabbi Solomon is an innovative spiritual guide for the modern-day seeker.
— Dr. Petra Caruso, NP, Founder of Woodstock Natural Health Clinic, Portland, Oregon
You meet Rabbi Alyson Solomon and there is an instant connection.  She has this analytic mind, where she assesses you and your work in quick fashion, then supports you to conduct your business with “excellence.” I consider her an excellent advisor; someone with a knack for “discernment” and completely trustworthy.  She just seems to hold you close to her heart and accepts you for who you are. I consider myself truly fortunate to have Rabbi Alyson as a great friend and trusted advisor.
— Irwin Eve, Owner-Optician, Occhiali Fine Eyewear, Santa Barbara