MOONWALK - SIVAN: Like our Bodies, Torah Reveals her Secrets with ๐Ÿ’–

Dear Friends of the Moon,

We can run but we canโ€™t hide, especially from our bodies.

Iโ€™ve always known that my body is my guide, my friend, my soulโ€™s vehicle. Yet, sometimes, like all of us, I forget to take the best care of her. I over-do, over-committ, over-stretch and then, she chirps, โ€œYo, girl. Where are you going so darn fast?โ€ Sometimes I listen and get an extra few hours of sleep. Sometimes I keep running.

Recently I made a big move up to LA for the year and wow, did my body have a lot to say. My body shouted, โ€œHey, honey! Time-out. Stop. Shingles.โ€ Well actually my doctor said the shingles part. Luckily, mine are just the super itchy kind and for this I am very grateful.

And, Iโ€™m even more grateful for my precious body and powerful antivirals. Our bodies are so wise, so caring and so resilient. I am grateful my body is loud and clear about what she needs and deserves.

During this Hebrew month of Sivan, we celebrated Shavuโ€™ot the holiday of receiving Torah, insight. In traditional thought the torah is a feminine noun, metaphorically a woman. Like our bodies, torah only reveals her secrets when she is sure she is truly loved.  
So hereโ€™s to our bodies. Hereโ€™s to our listening, our loving and thereby our healing. May She who carries and holds, births and nurtures, be cared for, be savored, be loved. Hereโ€™s to our precious, wonder filled, miraculous bodies. 

With Blessings,
Rabbi Alyson Solomon