Dear Friends of the Moon,

We made it to the other side! After the soul turning, heart opening, mind bending calisthenics of the Jewish High Holidays, we met the month of Cheshvan, at sunset on October 9th. Cheshvan is empty of formal holidays. Whew. 

To me, Cheshvan is a perfect time to simmer. We get to simmer in the gleanings of transformation - to integrate the growth from Rosh Hashana, the forgiveness of Yom Kippur, the gratitude of Sukkot. 

What are you discovering? Tashlich, for me this year was profound. The personal/community pilgrimage to throw crumbs in the ocean is a ritual I'm still cultivating. These crumbs symbolize our regrets, mistakes, grievances and disappointments of the year behind us. 

Since tashlich I'm still asking: How much can I let go of? What else can I shed to live lighter, softer, with more ease. When I take out the trash, do the dishes or smooth cream on my cheeks I bring my mind to this practice of tashlich, letting go. I'd love to hear a gleaning from the High Holidays that's still with (working on) you.

Blessings in the Sauce,
Rabbi Alyson Solomon